Rich Leadership

Investing In Leadership

A Warm Chair and Book
“I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by one lion than an army of one hundred lions led by one sheep.”

Leadership Development

Rich Leadership’s unique program for CEO’s transcends traditional executive coaching. It marries the principles of human behavior and organizational psychology with leadership development training, creating a powerful combination that helps CEOs understand themselves and the reaction of others to them in a way that helps the individual reach his or her potential.

  • Helps CEOs develop clear goals and objectives
  • Provides clarity about self-perceptions and the perceptions of key constituents
  • Offers insights into the motivations of colleagues, subordinates and other critical stakeholders
  • Identifies self-defeating behaviors/styles, examines their root causes and assists in managing them
  • Tests for strategic buy-in at appropriate organizational levels
  • Identifies the human factors contributing to executional shortcomings
  • Develops plans to remediate issues
  • Creates a therapeutic business alliance, focused solely on the CEOs success
  • Provides a sounding board and one-on-one think tank—with an unwavering commitment to discretion and confidentiality
The Program

The CEO program creates a relationship that is distinctly outside the bounds of the conventional corporate environment: a one-on-one think tank between CEO and advisor that operates with only the leader’s best interests—both professional and personal—in mind. Utterly confidential and free of the inherent tensions and sensitivities of organizational politics and agendas, Rich Leadership helps CEOs gain new insights into their own management styles, the human dimensions and dynamics within their varied constituencies and the perspective needed to inspire change and create measurable business impact.

The Relationship

The CEO program is built on one fundamental principle: An organization’s success is based on a leader’s ability to set strategy and execute across diverse constituencies. Executional outcome is ultimately determined by how well critical relationships are managed, both within a leader’s immediate constituencies and beyond. Success is the product of understanding the unique motivations of all parties, combined with the skills to singularly and effectively influence each and every one. Rich Leadership works personally with CEOs to develop these critical insights and skills.